we start with a research and discovery phase to inform our strategy. next, we set specific goals and define the scope of the project. while we value structure and organization, we also recognize the importance of being adaptable to the fluidity that comes with startup projects. ultimately, our aim is to achieve the balance of a well-oiled machine and flexibility.


our philosophy is that there are many paths to accomplish our partner’s goals and the best thing we can do to help support them is to stay grounded. at times, we get experimental and expand ourselves in the process. still, there is always a need to balance partner goals with our human resources, which is why cross-functional design teams are at the heart of any art department collaboration.


by collaborating with partners, we strive to achieve the highest possible quality while being mindful of our clients’ resources.


okay, so we are here for it! but it is often not what most people think. simplification is often key to the process of aligning client goals with culture and community. although we are here for the attention-grabbing visuals, our approach glides over trends and pushes for alignment. Hype is confidently small batch, grass-roots and with unique perspective. heart is behind the hype.