we start with a research and discovery phase to inform our strategy. next, we set specific goals and define the scope of the project. while we value structure and organization, we also recognize the importance of being adaptable to the fluidity that comes with startup projects. ultimately, our aim is to balance between creative requirements and operational realities.


Your Creative Op will follow up with a Proposal & Budget presentation.

The Proposal is a password protected digital deck. It will layout both operational realities & creative solutions to your content. Here we tier or budgets based on the amount of artists & technicians (people) needed to bring your idea to life. If your allocated budget is not balanced with your creative expectations we may also present updated estimates based on your project needs. The purpose of this call is for you to get your questions answered, give actionable feedback and green-light production on your content.


Prep – After your green light we take action to get your project ready to shoot & edit. This is everything from securing location(s) & dressing sets to creating LUTs & licensing music. We are preparing to shoot & edit your project.

Shoot – It all comes together. Depending on your production strategy we film your project at your location, at a location we source, in a studio, on a volume stage or any combination thereof.

If you are on-site you will see your Creative Op in action. They will be one of the production’s Department Heads. Say hi but let them work. A Producer will be there to facilitate any on-the-fly requests.

OTF’s (rush fees applicable).


It is all put together in the edit.

Your idea, our artistry, your vision, our application all combined. Your photos are being processed. Your video is being cut, colored & trimmed into assets in multiple ratios. Your sound may have enhanced textures, original music, voice over or a licensed song throughout. If we planned it then you’ll see it in the edited content.

For video: We give you 4 rounds of edits from rough-cut to locked. The 5th time you see the video it is finished.

For photo: We give you 2 rounds of edits from rough-cut to locked. The 3rd time you see the photoset it is finished.

This process can take a few days or a few weeks depending on your project milestons.

(rush fees applicable)


Your Client Portal will be updated once your project and billing is completed.

You will be able to download all content via a secured link and if you upgraded your project to receive a physical copy a hard-dive or disk set will be delivered to you via overnight delivery or courier.

You can download all production documents from your client portal.