Produced by

bryant berry

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Project Type

Comedic feature, hidden camera



Real Fake Spaces

This one is from one of the guys that brought you Jackass and Bad Grandpa. Real people, real reactions in real fake spaces. The art of this hidden camera comedy is in the eyes of the ‘marks’ experiencing the deception. My team spent months cultivating the back story of each main characters. We worked with the writers and executives to motivate unsuspecting participants  into highly controlled setting seemingly in the open. The results are frankly unbelievable, and thats the point.


This film was charmed by the improvisation but the absurdity was always tailored to the script and from the minds of Dan Curry, Kitao Sakurai, and Andre – and produced by Andre, Jeff Tremaine, David Bernad, and Ruben Fleischer. You think you had a strange day on set… lets do a word association. Animal wrangler in the wall, dildos in the closet,  bleeding ceilings, levitating comedians, serpent handling priest and string cheese. if your guess was a rural Georgian exorcism then you must have been on the call sheet.

Bad Trip