set decoration by

bryant berry

Produced by

Warner Media

Project Type

Serial Talk-Show



vibing a talk space

knock, knock.

who’s there?

A 20 episode biweekly serial talk-show on TBS. Tucked taway on a small soundstage across from a BuzzFeed office in Los Angeles The designer wanted to make a big impact on the little space. The producers wanted to make sure we were intentional about what we were representing without it becoming overwhelming.

we Center around the furniture. the custom made channeled cushioned, performance velvet three piece seating set is accented by holographic custom made wax print bolster pillows which also extended to the talent green rooms. Scandinavian design provided us with a gorgeous coffee table with glassware from modani meant to function as elegant practical props.

I use the rules of thirds & halves  to complete the look. 30% new, 30% custom and 30% vintage. with half of the vintage elements being specific to film noir and Afro-centric influence.