set decorated by

Bryant Berry

produced by

amazon studios

project type

competition show



bespoke. bespoke. bespoke.

The crowning jewel of the art department on this project was undoubtedly the house. Perched under-looking the historic Getty Villa, we built into a mansion on a sprawling campus.

Everything about our approach was lovingly and intentionally bespoke. From the gradient wall paper in 50% of our spaces. To every piece of upholstered furniture and drapery. Every couch was drawn and built to spec. Even the practice lighting, side tables, beds, rugs, pillows, art; down to the cosmetic bags — all custom fabrications. And yes, we sourced it all during covid. (good to have strong vendor relationships across coasts and continents…)

This project really posed a unique opportunity to work in a formate that I am admittedly averse to but with content and intention that aligns with who I am. With that, I gave great attention to statement pieces and what statement those pieces where making. ¬†From the collection of Moonlite-charged crystals throughout the house that encouraged the GRRRLS to find their center, their balance and their brilliance; to daily sage and palo Santo cleanse that I preformed on the space 2x a week to reset the energy. My intention, vocally, was that this be like nothing like anything from reality producers. This had to be respectful, meaningful and sincere. It had to have heart and compassion. So yes, give these girls 1000 thread count natural fiber sheers to block the sun, give them dead-stock dupioni silk beds to sleep in, give them big round thresholds to walk though, give custom glass and porcelain mirrors to gaze into, give them olive trees, give them chanel tweed, give my girls CUSTOM EVERYTHING. ¬†— and we did.