Designed by

Bryant Berry

Produced by

London Fame Inc & McIntosh Films

Project Type

Genre Period/Western short film



working with Natural Spaces

The Director and writter, Ryan Jaeger had a very clear vision and that is the most fertile ground to start with. Knowing exactly what we are going for is the best way to get it. In this award winning film we leaned into un-shot and untouched spaces often hiking to our film locations and enhancing what was there.

In the opening scene we feature a cabin in the middle of some salt flats that became the jail. In reality that location floods in the wet season so the cabin was elevated. to bring it down to earth we relocated tens of dozens of rocks and boulders from a nearby ridge to engineer the stone base that supports the porch the night watchman is sitting on. Even the door handle was fabricated on-site. Sometimes minimal is most.