Set Decoration by

bryant berry

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Project Type

Competition show



enhancing a raw space

The Hype presented a interesting challenge. When this project came to me the design was a vibrant Space centered around the judges suite. As originally drawn it would’ve featured representations of street fashion, hip-hop, rock and punk cultures with international flair. all of which would’ve been blended into a raw, industrial space with beautiful light. In the midst of prep and a couple of weeks before filming some executives felt that the show should be less intentional about such representation after consulting with An outside agency mimicking the design language of (the late) virgil abloh.  Specialists at safe market capitalization, executives mandated the project was to reflect the evolution of streetwear by focusing on it as a premium commodity referencing Los Angeles, specifically a few blocks on Fairfax and the Abbot Kinney strip as paramount.


the direction of construction, set decoration, art and artist collaborations adapted to the change with cameras set to roll in under 3 weeks. the team leaned into the raw space and the set was stripped in accordance with the request of the producers and designer. the minimalist space for the Competition was then complicated and dissected by grey, orange, red and raw pine flats. bryant berry, decorator, designed all the custom work surfaces, lighting fixtures and planters grounding the space. although subverted, many of the original concepts made it in front camera after Notes from the network  albeit diluted and re-attributed. The ultimate result and legacy of this project is it’s representation of the art and artists of streetwear Regardless of what it took to get there.